Professional Courses FAQ

Course FAQ’s

Will I have access to the course after I finish it?

Yes! You will have an account with your course on to access as long as you like

Will there be updates on the courses?

Yes! That is the beauty of this format versus a live course. I regularly go in and update and make changes! Since you always have access, you will see these changes as long as you opt in to the email options to notify you.

Is there a time limit to finish the course?

You can take your time and take the courses at your own pace for 1 year.

How does it work without hands-on labs?

That is a great question. Since we are adults and learning to treat children videos of children provide excellent learning. All of the labs are shown with video examples with handouts for you to do in your clinic or practice with a family member or friend! The nice thing is you can watch the videos again and again!

What about CEU’s

Click below to access CEU information in full

Membership FAQ’s

How often and what time are the live Zoom meetings for the membership?

The live Zoom meetings are every other Wednesday at 7PM Mountain Standard Time

Will the live Zoom meetings be recorded in case I can view them live?

Yes! All the sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the FB group for viewing at anytime

How long are the live Zoom meetings?

These sessions are planned for 1 hour (maybe more if we’re having fun!)

If I know ahead of time that I can’t be at the live Zoom meeting can a post a question ahead of time?

Please do! I will be happy to address your questions!


Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase if you have not initiated the course.

What do I do if I need help?

If you need help with something related to a course, please email