Such a wonderful course! I was not sure how I would like the online format compared to in-person but I really liked going at my own pace, pausing, rewinding, etc. I do miss in person, but this was great! I think having the videos for manual techniques actually worked really well whereas in a classroom setting it is sometimes hard to see. I learned so much as I knew I would just like from level one. thank you, thank you Dawn for sharing your expertise!

Kristen Grandstaff

Multitude of treatment ideas!

Knowledge of the presenter!

Immediate practical treatment techniques

The case studies were awesome!

Dawn has a fabulous grasp of the subject material.  Best bowel course I have ever taken!

Dawn’s extensive knowledge and clinical experience as well as her ability to educate adults and children

Seeing the way she spoke with patients and the way she implemented treatment.

Knowledge and experience of the instructor as well as the assistants

The presenters knowledge and ability to share that knowledge

The ability to ask questions and take the time to clarify

This course was great.  This was my first remote course and I learned just as much as I would have normally.  It was actually very nice to not have to travel and be within my own home.  Thank you for making it an option!  I’d love to see more remote courses in the future!

I found this course very beneficial and exceeded my expectations for an online experience.

It was well worth my time!

This course was excellent!!! The instructor, the presentation, the handouts, the supplemental education was ass so very organized, easy to follow, immediate applicable and thought provoking.  All of this made a great course!!  Thank you!

Dawn is warm and kind and such an authority on this subject, really wonderful course.  Thank you!

Dawn and her assistants were incredible and despite the alternative learning format, I had a great experience and immense benefit from taking this course!

One of the best courses I’ve ever taken.  Good amount of material and able to communicate it effectively.  I was able to apply techniques immediately on my first day back to work.

Highly recommend this course.  Dawn is great!

Clinical experience and teaching abilities of instructor

Passionate, inspirational and knowledgeable instructor.  Dawn quite obviously did a lot of work preparing to present this course remotely.  Well done!

I enjoyed doing a remote course.  With the prerequisites I could stop and go back to something I did not understand and could do in my own time.  I also felt I could take more in with not being tired and stressed travelling distances to attend course. 

Really useful information.  Other than a couple of things that could have been improved with an in-person lab, it really felt like we were all in a lecture hall together.  I like the format of the “chat” where people could ask questions and the TAs compiled them for later answers.