Here’s what people are saying who have participated in my program in the clinic and with online learning.

Before my therapy I felt insecure and was bullied by my friends about my tummy. I felt bad, angry and sad. Now I’m playing tennis riding my bike and I’m happy that I can do more stuff with people.

– Lila age 11 Denver, CO

Before Lila came to therapy she was shut down. She didn’t want this issue to exist and wouldn’t let anyone touch her her talk to her about it. We tried quite a few things and saw other physical therapist that didn’t help. There was maintenance but it was getting worse and there was no progression until we met Dawn. She was resistant, she lost motivation and refused to ride a bike or do the things that she used to love we were all frustrated that she couldn’t keep up with us.Now she’s happy and confident again and more open and not so shut down. I see a whole new kid and I’m so excited for all the good stuff in front of her!

– Lila’s Mom

Lila & Lila‘s Mom

I feel like a weight that has been on me is lifted and I can do a lot more.  I can do sleepovers now. I feel more independent and that is one thing I can let go.

B. L., age 11

The biggest thing is the confidence that my son feels.  Hearing him talk about it now, I see the extra joy he now can experience.

Father of B. L.

I don’t have to focus on staying dry and holding it in anymore.  I can control my bladder now during the day. I feel success in staying dry.

Nate, age 9

I was skeptical at first because it wasn’t the first time I dealt with it.  I didn’t see any lasting effects in the past. What I like about Dawn’s approach is she looked at the whole person, not just the bladder.  Dawn’s multi-faceted approach to treat the child ensures success.

Mother of Nate

Made me feel happy because it doesn’t bother me now to have sleepovers. I was scared before Miss Dawn’s program but there was nothing scary and it was fun.

M.B., age 8

As a parent I was concerned of how a physical therapy was going to teach an 8 year old kegels.  I really thought it was impossible and I would be wasting my time. After Miss Dawn’s program, I was so impressed with the mechanics and the knowledge that Dawn gave us.  My daughter has changed. She used to dislike school and going to friends for sleepovers, now she loves school and spending the night with friends. I am so glad as a parent that I was able to find someone as knowledgeable as Dawn and someone that made a difference in my daughter’s life.  This treatment is easy and the outcome will make your child a happier person.

Mother of M.B.

My daughter was easily potty trained by the time she was 2 ½ and was dry at night by 4.  Then, at about age 6, she began wetting the bed at night regularly. We tried everything, from alarms to waking her up every few hours to cutting off beverages by late afternoon.  Nothing worked. We were frustrated and she was miserable. Finally, we did Miss Dawn’s program- she knew exactly what the problem was with our daughter and gave us the tools we needed to help her.  It made all the difference in the world- she is dry, happy, no longer embarrassed to go to sleepovers, rested (as are we), and a much healthier kid.

S. P. Englewood, CO

When I came into the office to see Miss Dawn, our family was in disarray from my son’s frequent poop leaks.  Now that he doesn’t have them anymore, the household is not so angry and sad. My son is very proud of his pooping! He’s a normal child, doesn’t feel ashamed and does not have to miss out on activities because of poop leaks.  Amazing!

Mama of 5-year-old from Highlands Ranch, CO